Modz Angry Birds blood glucose meter review

The Modz Angry Birds blood glucose meter has clear and colourful graphics

  Type 1 diabetes is not a cheerful subject. It’s even less fun when you’re a child; and certainly no fun at all when you’re a 10 year old who has to prick her finger before she can eat. Nor is it nice waiting for the result of that finger-prick blood test. GG has been known to cover the screen of her meter as she tests, slow-revealing the result so as to lessen the blow. So anything that makes the whole daily slog of managing diabetes as a child will always get a massive tick in our house. Modz Angry …

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10 Tips for getting kids more active

10 tips for getting kids active

We’re not an outdoorsy kind of family. The Bug loves his Saturday football, and I pound the pavements (intermittently) for the sake of fitness, or the occasional charity challenge. But a bike ride has to end at the park or the pub before enough enthusiasm is be mustered to leave the house; utter the words “shall we go for a walk” and you’re likely to get looks of horror and a request for a pound in the swear box. That said, I’ve always been the kind of mum who likes her children to get fresh air (it comes from my own …

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A compassionate Mum: Tesco Mum of the Year Awards 2015

Compassionate Mum winner Tesco Mum of the Year 2015

It’s no secret that we’ve had a tough few months here. My daughter’s diagnois of Type 1 diabetes at the end of the summer has really wiped the floor with us, again and again, in ways we could not have imagined when we first heard those words in the GP’s surgery. I lost a ton of weight, and not in a good way; I just couldn’t eat. Or drink wine – imagine! Over time – although acceptance is still a long way off – that initial shock has become less acute. I found myself tweeting this over the weekend, after noticing that …

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