Self Image and Body Confidence in Teenagers

Self image amongst teenagers

*Updated: Missguided have now taken the item off sale and it no longer features on their website. Let’s hope it stays that way. Thanks to everyone who contacted them about this, and for all the support on Instagram. Body Confidence and Self Image. It’s a big theme right now, especially for mums – women whose bodies show the signs of what they have produced and nurtured. (Watch this video from my friend for a hilarious take on a serious message). And I’m wholeheartedly behind that. But what concerns me most at the moment is the message our teens are getting; …

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Motherhood: Getting Kids Outdoors Over the Holidays

  It’s the Easter holidays. Vast quantities of chocolate have been eaten. A lot of time has been spent on the sofa – a LOT! The children have seen more of their various screens than they have of their family, and it’s starting to show. That’s when – whatever the weather says – it’s time in my book to get outdoors. I know it really hasn’t been the best climate to frolic in the long grass – when is it ever in the UK?! – but there are ways, and with a puppy arriving here tomorrow (I KNOW!!!!) my kids …

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Style: 5 Tips for Comfortable Shoes that look Amazing

Comfortable shoes that are still stylish: New Look wide fit wedges

My mother tells a story of how she once left me outside the cubicle of a dress shop while she tried on an outfit, and came out to find me prancing round the fitting rooms in another woman’s shoes. She tells a lot of tall stories my mum, but either I remember this one, or it just sounds so ME that I’ve created one of those picture memories we all make to illustrate our earliest histories. It was the sound they made. Those heels I wasn’t allowed (but secretly bought with pocket money as a teenager, to change into on …

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Style: A Swimsuit I’m Happy to Show Off in

Right. Today, I am going to be a swimsuit model. I recently did a “I’m 50 and I  don’t care who knows it, look – I can still look good in cool clothes makeover post,” and people were very nice about it. So I thought I’d dabble in a few more fashion blogger-style posts, and have jumped right in at the deep end, quite literally, with a swimsuit. No, I haven’t dropped 2 sizes and had a boob job (although if you’d like to comment along those lines I won’t complain). Nor have I taken leave of my senses. I …

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