Travel: Sandbanks – Possibly the best beach in Britain

Is this the best beach in Britain? Yesterday we were in Poole, awaiting a ferry to visit family in the Channel Islands. With the ferry scheduled to leave first thing in the morning, we decided to skip the early start and head down to Poole for the night, to enjoy the harbour and the wonderful beach there. We spent a happy couple of hours wandering round the gift shops and staring open-mouthed at the enormous boats in the Sunseeker boatyard, before heading over to Sandbanks to relax at the Sandbanks hotel. Sandbanks is a 1 kilometre stretch of sand which …

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School: Inspiring Teachers

  The power of inpsiring teachers I’m posting this image because I’m hugely self-indulgent. I’m indulging myself because this short piece of work came home with J this week as she signed off from Year 5, and I confess it caused a small tear. It caused a tear because though I’ve always known she was capable of good writing, it’s only this year that she has found within herself the motivation to actually prove it to herself. This was written by the girl who, aged 6, in Year 2, scribbled all over her work in frustration when asked to improve …

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Travel: Canadian Road Trip for Dinosaur Enthusiasts

Road trips are something the whole family can enjoy - especially the dinosaur fans! Travel Alberta invites you to experience #AlbertaDinosaurs

Once upon a time a boy met a girl. The girl loved travel, and the boy loved adventure. They fell for each other and set about a series of road trips in their holiday time. Cool open-top cars drew them along gorgeous coastlines, and through stunning landscapes. They stopped in cities for cocktails, on beaches to see whales, and in rocky mountains to watch bears and breathe the freshest air. Then they got married and had children. The end. Except it wasn’t. Sure, they travelled short-haul for a few years, while they worked up the nerve to fly further afield …

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Merry Christmas! Pines and Needles Christmas Tree Delivery Review

Oh yes I did. I did just wish you a merry Christmas. And I appreciate that with many of you just about to head off on your summer holidays, Christmas may not be top of your agenda right now. But it should be. Because I have an offer for you that you really don’t want to miss. Christmas Tree Decoration image from Shutterstock Christmas Tree stress You know the romantic image you have of heading out a week before Christmas Eve together to choose your tree? That one special tree that is destined to be yours, that then won’t fit …

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An Interview with the Loose Women

An interview with Loose Women Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams

Now it’s no secret that I’ve had my virtual falling-outs with the team at Loose Women. They are not girls to hold back, nor do they profess to be experts in any of their discussion topics. What they are, is opionated, outspoken women, who don’t hold back on what they believe. A bit like me, and lots of other women – and that’s a good thing. They are not always right, as the link above illustrates, but they do get things talked about, and for that reason I was happy to take the opportunity to conduct an interview with Loose …

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Travel: A Well-Travelled Bear

A little bear left to what fate? Soar Mill Cove

What happened at Soar Mill Cove…   We found him, miles from anywhere, at the bottom of a narrow lane, in a sandy cove. The car was brushed by soft ferns on either side, as we made our way down the hill; we prayed we wouldn’t meet strangers coming up the other way, and we were lucky – a roadside standoff wasn’t needed. We ran, released from our journey, through fields and over stiles, tumbling happy towards the sea. Pink splashes of foxglove and heather punctuated our route as we breathed in the salty air and the wind whipped at our …

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