Simba Pillow review – How I found the right pillow for my neck pain

A customisable simba pillow

ADVERTORIAL CONTENT *I was given the product free of charge for the purposes of review. I did not receive payment for this post, though links in this post are affiliate links, and I may receive a small referral commission if you make a purchase using them. All opinion, words, and imagery are my own, and I really do love this pillow – I’m still taking on trips with me even in 2020. I have found the perfect pillow. I swear I am the Goldilocks of pillows. I have tried them all: the thin ones, the thick and bouncy ones, the …

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Laugh: Leaving your kids at home with your partner

"Fun with Daddy"

Last weekend I went away, leaving my children to be looked after by their father. When I say I went away, I mean properly, out of contact, of no use at all, don’t even bother to call me, I won’t answer away. I was on a press trip in Lanzarote – yes, I actually left the country, so whatever happened, my family were totally, and utterly on their own, for the first time in forever. It should be doable, right? Except, once you’re a mum, it’s really hard to let go. The first time my friend Kathleen went away and left …

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