Life With Teens: Getting the Glow Together Through Running Together

Heart Feel Good Challenge

I’m not big on resolutions. For starters, how miserable is the average January?! That special kind of cold rain it has that gets into your bones; and nights that never quite make it into day. It’s no wonder the vows to ditch wine and only eat pulses dissolve into a guilt-ridden Twix by the middle of the month. So no, resolutions and me are not friends. I am, however, a fan of adding in little things along the way that make my life better (exercise, music, books, chocolate..). So when Heart asked me to take up the #HeartFeelGoodChallenge – taking …

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5 Energy Saving Habits you might be Neglecting

Is your heating on a timer? I’m very unpopular in our house thanks to my decree that the central heating should only be on for 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. It stems from the fact that I finally got round to logging an actual meter reading, rather than relying on estimates, and realised exactly how much gas we had been using! But in truth, I’m not even sure it’s the heating that’s eating up most of our energy. British Gas® are on a mission to make our energy usage much more visible, with the installation of …

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