Teenage Family Meal Plan 07/09/20

Do you meal plan? I’ve always done a meal planner, but over lockdown I got into the habit of doing both lunches and dinners for the whole family. It was relentless, but I knew that if I didn’t my crew would end up eating toast all day, so I got into the habit of catering for everyone, just to make sure they ate properly. And actually, I loved having us all together every day for lunch. We watched a lot of films and did a lot of virtual quizzes during the pandemic, and our dinners as a result were often …

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Teen Mental Health – How to Get Your Teen to Open Up and Talk

It's hard to talk to moody teens about mental health

Advertorial:  I have been paid for my time in creating this post for Compass Fostering. All writing is my own Have you ever tried to get your child to talk to you about something that’s worrying them? It’s like a bizzare (and much less enjoyable) game of 20 Questions, isn’t it? Try it with a teenager and you won’t even get Yes/No answers; you’re more likely to be on the receiving end of a couple of grunts, followed by a growl (or shriek) of outrage, and a door in your face. Am I right?  During the pandemic I think teenagers …

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Exotic Pets You Can Actually Buy

Owning a pet is a lot of fun. But most people go down the safe route, getting either a dog, cat, or hamster. The truth is that there are many more animals out there you can own as a pet. Some of them are domesticated; others are entirely wild. But they’re all totally adorable. Here are some of your options – they might surprise you!    Runner Ducks Pixabay – CC0 License Runner ducks don’t look anything like your average mallard. Bred initially in India, these ducks’ hips are shifted forward, meaning that they stand upright as they shuffle along.  They …

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