Parents Guide to GCSEs 2021: Practical Tips to Help Kids Get the Grades

Teachers explain how to get good GCSE results even during Covid-19

How do you get the best GCSE results you can during Covid-19? If your child was expecting to be sitting GCSEs in 2021 the chances are they and you have been been feeling quite stressed since the announcement that GCSEs will not go ahead “as normal” in 2021. Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash The uncertainty around how GCSEs will be graded has certainly caused some worry in our house as our daughter prepares to achieve exam grades based on something completely different to what she was expecting. And the lack of clarity over what exams will look like in the summer …

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What I’d do if I won the Lottery

bored at home in lockdown

Working from home is my comfortable place. I’m an introvert; I may put myself out there in bright colours, and I’m not afraid of the limelight, but deep down I get my energy from quiet time alone. So lockdown should be my friend, right?  Well, sort of. I loved the first lockdown – time with my family, space to really think about my business and plan the big changes I’d been putting off for decades. But now we’re onto lockdown 3 the joy of that time has worn of and honestly? I’m bored.  What I do when I’m bored Do …

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11 Ways to Stay Active In Lockdown

Pexels Whether you’re in the midst of a national lockdown or just hauling up at home to stay out of the way of COVID-19, staying active whilst staying at home isn’t easy. Add a teenager or two into the household, and it can feel almost impossible. However, it’s so important to stay active for your physical and mental health. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration or just a little nudge, hopefully, these tips and ideas will help you!  Set intentions  To get yourself motivated and really excited about getting active, try setting intentions for yourself and what you’d like …

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Activities To Do With Your Kids Over The Weekend

Pexels The weekends are an excellent opportunity to fit in some quality family time with your kids. They’ll love the chance to connect with you on a deeper level and have some fun too. The following activities will give you a few ideas of what you can do with your kids when you have a little free time over the weekend. It’s always wise to have a variety of ideas handy that you can turn to, depending on the weather and what mood you’re all in. No matter what you do, put your phone and work tasks away and be …

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