How I survived Brownie Camp

I accompanied my daughter to Brownie Camp last weekend. What was I thinking?! Quite aside from the eye-rolling and quite tangible disgust that her mother was in her space on a residential trip, my daughter knew that I would be tired for days afterwards. Nine-year-olds are not well-known for going to sleep early. Or lie-ins. They are notorious for wanting to eat cake and to keep the fun going as long as possible. And who could blame them? An opportunity to run in the woods, away from the usual rules of home, homework, and music practice. A chance to quite literally swing …

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Wot so Funee? Brownie Pack Holiday

I recently spent my first nights away from my family. There was a lot of excitement, and a bit of emotion in the days before I went. I even said I didn’t want to go, but that was more out of compassion for Mummy’s impending peace and quiet limbo than an actual desire to forfeit the freedom of my first Brownie Pack Holiday. I had my bags packed 3 days before departure, rising early each morning to double check I had everything I needed. I sniggered as Mummy attempted to paint my name on my matching plastic crockery – with nailpolish, …

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64/366 Photos (Not Mother’s Day)

Considering it was pseudo-Mother’s Day today, Mummy couldn’t stop working – these badges have been needing stitching on for weeks now. How old do I have to be before I can start sewing?

366 Sunday Week 2

Time for my diary of the week in photos: Day 1 I finally got my full Brownie uniform. I just joined recently and my 6 is Leprechauns, which Daddy says is entirely appropriate – can’t think why. I am super-enjoying it, despite not knowing anyone there! ♥♥♥   Day 2 We are twinned at school with the African town of Kano, and we are learning about traditional african food, music, dancing and textiles. We used beetroot and turmeric to make dyes and then experimented with different ways of tying the fabrics. Waiting for them to dry now. Day 3 An …

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