10 Minute Dinners: Fast Sausage and Lentil Casserole Recipe

10 Minute Family Dinners guaranteed to please     What do you pull out of the bag when your kids are hungry and you need to put dinner on the table, but time is short? Beans on toast? Microwaved curry? Tin of soup? Or would you rather have a hearty, healthy casserole that will feed the whole family and only takes 10 minutes to prepare? That’s the challenge OXO gave us when they sent us some of their Herbs and More flavour pots to create a recipe for their 10 minute dinners list. In fact, they asked to to make …

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How to Make Macarons: Easy Banoffee Macarons Recipe

Decadent Banoffee Macarons recipe that's easy to make

  Great British Bake Off – the Macarons Challenge Inspired by the Great British Bake Off, my friends Jenny and Helen – pudding and cake bloggers extraordinaires – have set a challenge to bloggers who enjoy #GBBO. Each week we will commit to creating an item on the theme of that week’s Great British Bake Off. This week the theme is Trifle, and Petits Fours. So as I sit here watching the contestants mess up their Iles Flottantes, and steal each other’s custard, my caramel ganache and banoffee caramel are cooling in my kitchen, destined for these babies. Read on …

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How to make pancakes: recipes and fillings

"savoury pancake for kids"

I am nicknamed “The Hoover” in our family, due to an innate ability (Daddy has it too) to consume favourite foods before Mummy has even made it to the table. Pancakes hardly hit the sides, as demonstrated by the rapid demolition of my  ‘Crêpe Citron Chantilly‘ in Brittany last summer. So you can imagine my enthusiasm and impatience for Pancake day to arrive. So much so that we actually did it a week early! My plan was to have pancakes for breakfast (of the griddled, blueberry and maple syrup variety), something random and forgettable for school dinner, and pancakes for tea. …

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