Meet Meerkats: Fall in Love (review of Paradise Wildlife Park)

The meet the meerkats experience at Paradise Wildlife park is a very special treat

Have you ever been this close to a meerkat? I snapped this picture over the half term holidays at Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, and I wasn’t using my zoom lens. I was actually sitting on the stump right next to these two guys as they got up close and personal after their feed. Aren’t they adorable? The Bug has long been a fan of meerkats. My self-professed ‘next David Atteborough’ boy loves anything about animals and nature, and whilst he might struggle to remember what 7 x 6 is, the space in his brain reserved for creature trivia is …

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Get Involved in a Great British Tennis Weekend! #GBTW

Pock, pock, pock… The soundtrack to my July. My laptop finally becomes synonymous with its name, leaving my desk to take up residence on my sofa for the next two weeks. Pock, pock, pock… The crisp, clean companion to my keyboard clicks, overwhelming the sound of the clock while time runs away with my work plans. Wimbledon and British Tennis It has always been thus. Wimbledon is a fixture on my calendar that has seen me loosen my usual work ethic for a few days every year, for as long as I can remember. I once booked my annual holiday …

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