Gifts for Girls: Gorgeous Sarah Stokes bag and Homewares

This gorgeous fox cushion is the perfect gift for girls

Perfect gifts for girls I have small but firm base of lovely girlfriends. Over the (many) years that I’ve known them, we’ve learned so much about each other that we can go months without talking, and yet click right back into the swing when we’re together. We’ve been through school, university, boyfriends, marriage(s), and children together, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about each other. But can I find a decent gift for them when their birthdays come round? Knowing each other for so long means that we’ve exhausted the usual gift range, and the …

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Perfect Stocking Fillers for Girls from Little Ondine

Review: Little Ondine odour free nail polish

Recently my girl turned 11. There is some grace to a birthday celebration at this age. Gone are the full-scale parties for 25 with an entertainer and endless curly sandwiches that used to see me collapse into a glass of wine at the end. Now she just wants sleepovers with a few friends. Easy! They run it themselves, and all I have to do is order pizza.   The hoard of make-up and tinctures that took up residence on my kitchen table was a sight to be believed. These 5 girls have more make up between them than I think …

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