Family Travel: Why SeaWorld Orlando should be on your Florida Itinerary

Seaworld Orlando review Kraken Unleashed front row

I always knew that this would be my first image in this post about SeaWorld Orlando. Before we visited this year, I had assumed that pretty much the entire park was about whales and dolphins, but I could not have been more wrong. With my kids both now over the magic 140cm height restriction, we were looking forward to riding the giant rollercoasters we could see from our hotel window – seriously, they make for an iconic vista – but I had no idea quite how impressive they’d be. If you’re here to find out about the animals, I’ll tell …

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Our dream holiday in Orlando: we’re off on an epic trip!

A while back we showed you this video reveal of the plan for our dream holiday in Orlando. Bearing in mind that by the day of our trip we clearly knew we were off to Florida’s Disney World resort, so we considered Daddy’s attempt to wind us up nothing short of brutal: We quickly put him straight and dragged him away from the Easyjet desks: Panic over, we set about getting excited. Here are some basic tips on how to make the most of a long plane journey with kids: Arrive at the airport super-early. Yes early! The grown-ups will …

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