Blackpool for families at the Cliffs Hotel

Family at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

 Blackpool is also for families! It was the biggest thrill of my life. I honestly thought I’d left my stomach at the top of the ride, and I sat, shellshocked, waiting to be let out of my harness. I couldn’t do it again. I was 14, scared senseless, and in love with rollercoasters. I rode them all, then consumed a hot-dog, an ice-cream, and a candy floss, and wondered why they made me feel sick. But I still had room for a stick of rock as I waited for my donkey-ride on the beach, and I begged for a clear …

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The best day of my life – not normal

Here’s how my day went: Daddy went to work at Thorpe Park as normal. Me and the Bug went to school, as normal. School was normal. 10 minutes before school was due to end, one of the ladies from the office came and asked if I could please leave. I was a bit worried. Not normal. Mummy ran me to the car and took us to Thorpe Park. Really not normal for a Thursday. I saw Liam from One Direction throwing balls at cuddly gonks. Way beyond normal. Liam turned, said “Hello darling!” and signed my diary. He called the …

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