Valentine’s gifts: Heart shaped fudge slabs!

Heart shaped fudge slabs - perfect Valentine's gift (provided you can bear to part with it)!

Fudge. Fudge. Glorious Fudge. What on earth says “I love you” better than giving away your fudge?? I know I can’t part with mine, so this little batch of heart shaped fudge is staying right here. Make your own! Heart shaped fudge recipe We used a silicone bread mould, with a heart shaped insert, but you can use any cake or baking tin, with a deep heart-shaped mould set inside it. The difference is you will have one giant slab to present then chop, rather than several slices of fudge, as we did. Valentine’s gifts: Heart shaped fudge slabs!   …

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Valentines Day crafts for kids

"pink fudge hearts for Valentine's day"

Are you the parent who gets up early on the morning of Valentine’s Day to post an ‘anonymous’ card through the door addressed to your child?  It’s a harmless activity and makes them feel good about themselves. But this year the Bug and I have made our own Valentines, and so can you. From full-blown candy-crush to simple Valentine’s card, kids can make it themselves, or with minimal adult support. Obviously you can’t spoil the dream by asking them to write a card to themselves (you can’t opt out completely parents!), but you can help out if they want to …

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