I Want a Puppy – Dear So and So…

Last week Mummy wrote about not getting a puppy. It is now the Bug’s turn to respond: Dear Teacher…I want a puppy. We need to work on Mummy. You made a good start by giving me ‘Star of the Week.’ She is beginning to soften. If you could just fix it so I get a Headteacher’s certificate soon I think we might be in with a chance. Yours conspiratorially, The one who sits very still at circle time. Dear Little Rhino….Thanks for having my back with Mummy. Remember to drive that nail in a little more every time you see …

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Wot So Funee? Week 1

Welcome to my first post where you get to see what I actually write, as opposed to what Mummy helps me with. This one has been on the blog before, in the early days, and provoked such an outpouring of awwww’s and lol’s that I thought I should show it today. It is my very first shopping list, of things I wanted to buy (and do) for Mother’s day: Perfectly legible, and split into helpful sections so everyone knows what they have to do. And I remembered the shampain. So why, after all the gifts and loveliness I showered on …

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What? Wednesday! #W?W!

  This week the Actually Mummy clan went to a christening. Mummy sneaked in a few pictures! Where have you been #W?W! advertising this week? Let’s see over at Mammasaurus!

The Photo Gallery: Home

This week’s Gallery theme from Sticky Fingers is Home. I thought very hard whilst I was at school about what home meant to me. I thought about Mummy and Daddy and the Bug, but they are camera-shy. I thought about our house, but it’s a bit dull and ordinary. I thought about my bedroom, with all it’s pink fluffy stuff. I even thought about being a bit metamorphical and posting a picture of my best friends. When I got home from school I did what I always do. Then I knew what home means to me: Home

Love New Blogs Loves Actually Mummy!!

Whoop whoop! I won an award! The other bloggers like me! Yipeeeeeeee! (Might just have to do a celebratory tap dance later). Thanks Love New Blogs bloggers for voting me ‘it’ this week. I promise to make Mummy read every single one of your entries this week, and vote, so that you too can experience the thrill!!!! Laters. Gotta go to school now……….

Saturday is Caption Day #SatCap

Okay folks, I need a caption for this, and I dare you to have a go without hurting my feelings. I take my tap very seriously, you know 🙂 Join in with the fun over at Mammasaurus today!

On not getting a puppy: Why show and tell is dangerous

Mummy doesn’t get out on this blog much,  as it is MINE! But allow me to indulge her today and read what she has to say for a change. Pleaaase? Dear The Bug’s Teacher….. We.Are.Not.Getting.A. Puppy. End of. Don’t believe him when he says it is really cute, and that he will be bringing it in for ‘show and tell’ soon, because it does not exist. Love, Mrs Bugged. Dear Schoolmums….. We.Are.Not.Getting.A.Puppy. You can stop texting me now asking when you and your children can come and visit our new puppy. It does not exist. Love, the harrassed one on …

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Cava – Mummy’s Guilty Pleasure

This, as the Bug has christened it, is popping wine. Mummy calls it Cava, Prosecco, or on rare occasions Champagne. Not sure why, I mean it’s basically fizzy wine, isn’t it? Mummy will often share a bottle of wine with Daddy, or a friend. Cava, I have observed, is not for sharing. It is Mummy’s. And it is through close scrutiny that I have learned this fact: when something is not to be shared, it should be consumed as quickly as possible. Mummy recently drank a lot of Cava on a tour of the vineyards of Catalunya. That evening I …

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Why parents not only can, but should take their kids to the Catalunya Vineyards

  As I climbed out of the air-conditioned car the heat walloped me in the face and my eyes screwed tight against the sun’s glare over the vines. I reluctantly handed over my games console and prepared for the boredom to kick in. Our holiday in Catalunya was underway, but as far as I was concerned it wouldn’t begin until we got to our campsite on the Costa Brava, so for now I was planning to be a grumpy 6-going-on-13-year-old. Catalunya vineyards Champage it is not! (Legally anyway) We had visited the Codorniu vineyards and wine cellars at Sant Sadurni …

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My Favourite Tunes: Sunday Session

I am a big music fan – huge! I love Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Lily Allen (although for some reason Mummy often accidentally crashes into the CD player when she’s on so I rarely get to listen to her for long. My favourite lyric is ‘It’s not fair, I never get ice-cream’ but I’m never sure how it goes after that). Today I am going to share with you my favourite song. (Mummy, I know it’s your favourite song really, and that you pretend it’s mine just so you can sing it to me before I go to sleep. …

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Saturday is Caption Day

Alright lovely people. Can you give me a really good caption for this snap of the Bug outside Ikea? I will pass them all on to him, and the one that makes him laugh the most is the winner. Then have a go at some more crazy caption shenanigans over at Mammasaurus.

A-Z of Me

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know pretty much everything there is to know about me. However, I have been asked some questions by Mum of One  around the alphabet. Now I know my A-Z extreemely well, being a speed-reader and all, so let me see if I can conjure up some lesser known points of interest around the Glib Girl and Bug: A is for Anorak: Do you have a sad side? Well, my right side is the one I sleep on, so that must me my happiest, right? Ergo, my sad side is on the left! …

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Happy Memories – The Gallery

My little brother had his very first day at school last week. Many photos were taken with pride, but I suspect that this will be the one which makes us laugh and remember that day in years to come. This is not the Bug. It is Darth Vader, and when Darth Vader (you have to say the Vader or he will not answer) is asked what he wants for tea, he will answer in his Darth Vader voice. If you need clarification, he will repeat it for you, but only in the voice. Anyway, Darth was so excited to be …

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Birthday Wishes!

Yesterday was Grandad’s birthday. We wished him a happy birthday and we sent him a balloon. I wish that helium balloons were strong enough to lift a bar of his favourite chocolate (Thornton’s, as I recall). I wish that on his birthday he could have seen the orange gerbera daisy we bought for him. I wish the balloon could have carried that flower to him so he would know we were thinking of him. I hope he received our birthday wishes floating on that shiny pillow of magic gas, straining for freedom.  We wished Grandad a happy birthday, and let go of the string, watching as our …

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This Picture Says….?

Right, lets see what all you caption fiends out there can do with this one! Just put your caption in the comment box below and then go and check out the others at Mammasaurus this week. Click the image

5 Things We Know About Daddy

Daddy, we know that you are rubbish at discipline, that 1-2-3 Magic might as well be a foreign language, and that you practically invented the word ‘mallarkey’. We also know that you hate the bath-time hysteria that mallarkey inevitably leads to, but we don’t know where to draw the line, and neither do you, so it is likely to continue for some time yet. But here are some things we know about you, that you might not even realise you have shared with us. Things that will stay with us forever, and change the way we lead our lives: You have a …

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School Shoes

There were tears on the playground this morning as my scuffed old school shoes bounded down the steps into my new classroom. The tears were not mine, nor were they shed on my behalf; I’m an old hand at this lark now, as you can see by the slightly scruffy appearance of my patent leather. No, the tears belonged with another pair of shoes; the brand new shiny ones on the left; the ones that have never seen the inside of a school …..until today. I bid the Bug good luck, with instructions on where to meet me on the …

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This Picture Says….?

Just for a laugh, leave a comment below with your suggestion 🙂 Joining in with Mammasaurus  ‘Saturday is Caption Day’ Link