Home: Boys Room Makeover (part 1) GLTC Bunk Bed

A new bunk bed for the Bug. The Bug has been needing a room makeover for a while. When we moved to this house 6 years ago, the room he acquired was pink. He wasn’t quite 2, so it didn’t seem a big deal, and we put it on our to-do list. Six years later, we still hadn’t acted on our plans to create a cool bedroom for our boy, so when GLTC offered us a bunk bed, we knew we could delay no longer. GLTC are well-known for lovely kids furniture, and we have previously gone for the white or …

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Shoulda Woulda Could Of

How terrible grammar on social media makes it difficult to learn English

  If you’re anything like me, the title of this post makes your blood boil. It doesn’t? Read on… As my children get older, I am increasingly concerned about social media. Ah! my family (and that teacher I met once) exclaim. At last, she’s seen the light! All that grooming and online bullying, not to mention the the dangers of accidentally clicking on something no young eyes should ever see. Thank goodness. But it’s not that. I still firmly maintain that the earlier a child gains supervised access to social media, the more likely it is that he will learn …

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Why Type 1 Diabetes is like a newborn baby

Winning Best Schooldays blog at the MAD blog awards was an emotional moment

This time last year I was excited about an impending event. The MAD Blog Awards finalists had just been announced and I was on the list. I rubbed my hands at the thought of a great night out with some fabulous bloggers, and started planning my dress. I probably cracked open a bottle of something fizzy and told Twitter all about it. It’s a big deal, The MAD’s and I’m always so thrilled to be a part of it. Six months later I arrived at the awards ceremony with bleeding heels from a last minute stagger along Knightsbridge, having thrown …

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