Food, Beers, Beds, and Shopping: The Old Stocks Inn – review

It's never too early for cocktails at the Old Stocks Inn (review)

The first thing we noticed at the Old Stocks Inn, in Stow-on-the-Wold (after the lovely warm welcome) was the bar. Quick, let’s go and explore, so we can get back here and have a drink! we decided, and we did. We visited the Cotswolds on a typical British winter weekend, and the dark afternoon made our frosty breath and the twinkly Christmas lights feel festive and exciting. All we needed was a cosy bar and a pint to top it off perfectly. As we wandered around the market square, popping in and out of charming little shops, marvelling at interesting gifts and old-fashioned …

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I am international spy with a serious caffeine problem

Bet you didn’t know that. Neither did I, but that’s what comedian Mark Watson decided when he came to have a snoop round my home recently. Star of stand-up comedy, Mark Watson Kicks Off, and Mock the week, Mark was invited by Money Supermarket to have a guess at my personality, based on what he found in my home. The theory was that we insure our most important belongings, not just for their financial worth, but because of what they mean to us personally. A team arrived to video Mark’s cogitations, and rather like Through the Keyhole, I stifled giggles …

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Perfect Stocking Fillers for Girls from Little Ondine

Review: Little Ondine odour free nail polish

Recently my girl turned 11. There is some grace to a birthday celebration at this age. Gone are the full-scale parties for 25 with an entertainer and endless curly sandwiches that used to see me collapse into a glass of wine at the end. Now she just wants sleepovers with a few friends. Easy! They run it themselves, and all I have to do is order pizza.   The hoard of make-up and tinctures that took up residence on my kitchen table was a sight to be believed. These 5 girls have more make up between them than I think …

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A Reggae Catamaran, and a Dolphin Kiss at Beaches Negril

A Reggae Catamaran cruise is exactly what you need on a Beaches Resorts holiday!

How beautiful is that? That’s the catamaran you’ll dance on. Oh yes you will, because you won’t be able to stop yourself. Once you’ve arrived at Beaches Resorts Negril, there’s not much you’d want to leave for. It truly is paradise (take a look at our virtual tour review if you don’t believe me). But there are one or two things on offer that you really will be glad you paid the extra for. Here are our two favourites: Reggae Catamaran Cruise I have to confess I was dubious. I had visions of Club 18-30, and whilst that does look …

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Travel: The 7 Best things for Kids at Beaches Resorts Negril

Best things for kids at Beaches Resorts Negril - the beach!

  It’s easy to think that Beaches Resorts is all about you. Whoever you are. As a parent, it was ALL about me: the cocktails brought directly to me at the poolside, the restaurants, the comfy sun-loungers, the stunning beach, and the kids clubs that actually felt welcoming enough for my kids to want to go there, and safe enough for me to let them. Yep, it was all done for my benefit. But actually, I’m pretty sure the kids thought the whole resort had been put together with their particular desires in mind. Here’s what they loved: 7 Best …

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The Ghost of Christmas Past and my Perfect Christmas

  We put our tree up this weekend. It’s always a big deal, never a chore. In the pursuit of family traditions, I’ve always made sure that Christmas tree weekend is special. So no, you can pass on those Chelsea tickets, welcome the cancelled football match, and even – just this once – skip swimming lessons. Put on the Christmas playlist, overboil the mulled wine, and warm up some mince pies, because Christmas tree weekend has to happen in a certain way every year. I apologise if I’m a little prescriptive, slightly bossy, and rather a neat freak, but this …

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