Diabetes: Is the Artificial Pancreas a Diabetes Cure?

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been told that my daughter’s condition will soon be cured. It seems every day that a new headline lands in the consciousness of my friends, reassuring them that a cure for diabetes is imminent. Some even intimate that I can get it from her GP right now. She recently transitioned to insulin-pump therapy, and so we no longer have to think about diabetes. So say all her Grandma’s friends. Of course, the reality is in stark contrast to public perception, and she and I both welcome opportunities to change her pump site in …

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10 Tips for Cutting Costs as a Family #SaveSmarter

Save smarter: watch the pennies mount up

Last week I took a test. Devised by Aviva, the Financial Personality Tool promised to enlighten me as to my own particular strengths and weaknesses when it comes to money. It got me completely right, and opened my eyes to some opportunities to be a bit smarter about how I save, spend, and manage my finances. I took the test for my husband, and it agreed that my suspicions were correct: we should never have got married… That shock out of the way (who am I kidding, it was never a shock – I love him to bits, but gawd …

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How to Save Smarter (#SaveSmarter)

This post is sponsored by Aviva. Do read it though – it’s fun! A Fun Way to Save Smarter I always seem to have just enough money in the bank; never any spare, but even on a bad month, we always seem to be able to scrape something from somewhere to pay for what we need – usually involving some activity of the kids! We’re lucky. That said, I live in fear of something happening to the house that requires expense. It’s a bit of a dinosaur, our house, and something seems to fall apart at least once a year, …

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Easter Baking: Moroccan Spiced Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Easter baking: Moroccan spiced hot cross buns recipe

  Easter Baking Ideas We have a bit of time on our hands for once this Easter break. I’ve longed for a holiday where we’re at home, just to spend time with the kids, doing simple things. And one thing they never tire of is baking. Schwartz got in touch to ask if I would get the kids involved in some cooking using some of their spices. Never one to turn down a challenge, and always a lover of a twist, I decided that we’d start our Easter baking preparations with traditional hot cross buns. Recipes for hot cross buns …

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Stable Diabetes: it’s Mission Impossible #DPC16

Why stable diabetes is a fantasy

  I don’t know who this photo belongs to, but if anyone does, I’ll gladly credit. The man is a genius. If you’re living with diabetes I know you’ll be nodding at this point; if you’re not, please believe us – stable diabetes is not something that ever happens, particularly if you’re type 1. “Is she not stable then..?” There is nothing that infuriates a diabetic more than this question. Apart from possibly “Are you allowed to eat that?” See this image for the answer to that question. Then I promise we’ll crack on with the point of this post, but allow …

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Diabetes: forget sugar and injections, it’s all about education. #DPC16

Type 1 diabetes equipment. Blood test meter, insulin vial and insulin injection pen

I’ve procrastinated with this post. Last week I was one of the official bloggers at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference (DPC). Professional. That means scientists, doctors, and researchers presenting findings from their studies, and debating new approaches in diabetes care. I run a parenting blog. Some of my readers are parents of children with type 1 diabetes, by virtue of the fact that I occasionally write impassioned posts on the subject since GG’s diagnosis. I applied for the position of conference blogger, but I questioned why I was awarded it. Most of my readers do not have diabetes on their …

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How to buy for less online

Kids just want so much stuff, don’t they? And none of it is in favour for more than a few months, but it is absolutely vital that they have it when they need it, otherwise they’ll be the only one in the playground without the latest thing. My house is overflowing with discarded loom bands (remember those?), I have a huge tub full of mechanical hamster-type things, and occasionally a Furby will turn evil in the night and pipe up from under a cushion somewhere. Toy manufacturers know how to appeal to kids, they know when to pitch the product …

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How to tackle the debt skeleton in your closet

  Given the rising cost of living in this country, with rents and house prices literally going through the roof, I wasn’t too surprised to read that UK household debt is at its highest in five years. In fact households now, on average, owe 26.5% of their annual income on loans and credit cards (including student loans; excluding mortgages). This is the highest level since before the recession. It’s makes for alarming reading, but it’s easily understandable that people are increasingly having to turn to credit in order to get by. Yet while debt is never enjoyable or desirable, it …

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Review: Children’s Snow Boots from Mountain Warehouse

  Every Sunday morning, Actually Daddy would return from the Bug’s football match with cold feet, and trainers that were unrecognisable from standing up to his ankles in mud. “Why can’t I have snow boots like the kids?” he would complain. It’s understandable. Look what the kids wear when they’re kicking around outside in the cold:   We decided on snow boots for the kids this year, because we knew we’d be going skiing. Let’s face it, the UK doesn’t often have snow, and when it does, we’ve made do with a pair of wellies and an extra pair of socks. But …

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