The new Steve Backshall Kids Clothing Range from Mountain Warehouse

The new Steve Backshall kids clothing range at Mountain Warehouse is cool, and hard-wearing, to cope with life's outdoor adventures.

There’s something exciting about Autumn. When you finally concede that the weather is too cold to go without socks, and pack away your summer clothes, it’s tempting to feel sad, especially when you’ve had an amazing summer at home with the kids. But once I’ve committed to it, I start to get excited about the clothes that have been stashed away at the back of the cupboard – the cosy fleeces and padded mittens – and I greet them like old friends. Even better, though, there’s a new season of clothes to be had! When it comes to buying clothes …

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Daddy’s Girl: How a Father’s Support can Help a Girl Achieve her Dreams

Do you have a Daddy’s girl? Does she twist him round her little finger, engaging her best smiles just for him? Does it drive you mad that he can never say no, or manage any semblance of discipline when his daughter is around? Well read on, to find out why that may not be such bad thing. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the classic father daughter bond between my girl and my husband. It’s a common theme in parenting, the adoration that fathers have for their girls, the ability girls. The two of them are regularly in cahoots over …

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Christmas Gift Ideas for all the Family

  GIVEAWAY ENDED I was in London this week for the Family Traveller awards. One thing I miss so much about living outside the city now, is the chance to just wander along high streets in my lunch break, or to sip a glass of wine after work. Dip into a café for a bite to eat, or see what’s new in the shops for the next season. As we were meeting at the White Company in Sloane Square, we had a browse in Peter Jones first, and just like that, I’m in Christmas mode! I know there’s a backlash over …

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