At Peace: The Photo Gallery

Mummy got some unexpected peace yesterday morning. When I woke up I read my books as usual. At 8am, my usual holiday hour for bursting into Mummy’s room and declaring up time, I got out of bed and tidied my room. (Mummy told me I had to the previous night, so I did). At 8.05am I got distracted and played with my Barbies. For nearly an hour. When I finally went to get Mummy up (Daddy had left at 5.30 for the office!) I collected the Bug on my way. This is what his clock said:

"child's clock"When I asked him why he was still lying quietly in bed an hour after his normal wake-up time he said “Because bunny wouldn’t wake up”:

"bunny wake up clock"The Bug can’t tell the time, and so he has this bunny wake-up clock to tell him when it is ok to get out of bed. Until daytime bunny’s light is on, he stays in bed. Wonder how long he would have stayed there…..? Mummy didn’t know whether to be thrilled with her lie-in or worried that she has the Bug too well-trained. Or maybe he just likes the peace and quiet of a lie-in as well?

14 thoughts on “At Peace: The Photo Gallery”

  1. Wow, must get me a Bunny and be sure to rig it for extended bedtime….. What a well-behaved babe you must have. Mine would probably kill the bunny and head for the Star Wars mini figures anyway….

  2. I am looking forward to lie-ins as I’m hoping one day they will return to be part of my life, for now I’m loving the monsters jumping into my bed for a snuggle before our day starts. Early yes but hey beautiful all the same

  3. Hmmm I like that bunny clock!! Wow what lovely children you are letting your mummy have peace and quiet in bed until that time! I expect she was ver happy ๐Ÿ™‚ I like your wall clock with Noah’s ark xx

  4. Cool clock…..I used to have a Wallace & Gromit alarm clock which was funny because when it went off Wallace used to say “Come along Gromit – don’t be a lazy boy!” and it made me laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I would happily live by that bunny clock if the world would let me. I’d advise the Bug to do it for as long as life will let him!


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