Cybher: I Spy an outfit dilemma

A dilemma. Mummy was all set for her trip to the Cybher conference, and had posted her outfit to Facebook.

"Anna Field Dress"She bought this Anna Field Dress recently from Zalando, and I can confirm that she rocks it (if she lays off the chips and beer the night before). Job done: one properly cool dress for Cybher.

But then, this turned up:

"Actually Mummy t-shirt"My own design! The Actually Mummy brand, on a t-shirt! What a nifty idea to stop other attendees having to stare at her boobs just to establish whether or not they know her! (From her name badge, obviously, not because lots of people are well acquainted with her boobs 🙄 ).

So now we have a dilemma. Do we go with practical, or does she rock the dress?

"bronze wedge shoes"If the majority say t-shirt, all is not lost in the glamour stakes, because look at what Mummy managed to pick up in TK Maxx for £35 today. Yes, they say Sofft inside, and yes they are comfy. But what of it? They are bronze wedge platforms and they rock with skinny jeans! At least that’s what she told Daddy. (She didn’t tell him about the other wedge platform sandals that were only £45 and now reside in her “summer cupboard”).

So – hot dress, or branded t-shirt? The decision, parents of my friends, is yours………

"outfit for Cybher"And because there is a rather obscure H in this picture, I’m linking up to Mum of One’s I Spy

Mum of One

Mummy’s t-shirt was given to her free of charge, but she loves it! You can personalise your own t-shirt here.

31 thoughts on “Cybher: I Spy an outfit dilemma”

  1. Thanks ladies, that seems pretty unanimous! Now instead of looking stylish at the conference and flooring the competition I’ll look just right alongside Annie in her PJ’s 😉

  2. What if, you make a necklace with ‘actually mummy’, like a doll/some sort of cut out, then you could still wear the dress?

  3. I would say skinny jeans and branded T-Shirt for the day and the dress for the evening, both are fab!
    If I went, I would be wearing my Dolce & Gabbana dress… with my wellies!! LOL!! Sadly I cannot make it this year.
    Have fun!

  4. I was seriously considering a branded t-shirt myself. But a t-shirt that covered my belly looked rubbish so decided against it. But if I were you I would definitely wear the t-shirt and the skinnies.
    Can’t wait til Saturday. See you there. X

  5. Outfit A definitely! Lovely dress, but you do look rather effortlessly fab in the tshirt and skinnies. Add some bracelet layering action and Actually Mummy = Hot Mummy!

  6. I have seen you in outfit A and can confirm that you do indeed rock it, however I love the t-shirt and skinny jeans – you have the pins for them and with those fab wedges will look HOT.

  7. Great outfit, and an inspiration… I stopped dressing in the way I like, purely because I have no space for my things and I am leading a bit of a chaotic life now… but soon I’ll go back to my way and your outfit inspired me! Beautiful!


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