Get Involved in a Great British Tennis Weekend! #GBTW

Pock, pock, pock…

The soundtrack to my July. My laptop finally becomes synonymous with its name, leaving my desk to take up residence on my sofa for the next two weeks.

Pock, pock, pock…

The crisp, clean companion to my keyboard clicks, overwhelming the sound of the clock while time runs away with my work plans.

Wimbledon and British Tennis

Great British Tennis Weekend #GBTW
Great British Tennis Weekend #GBTW

It has always been thus. Wimbledon is a fixture on my calendar that has seen me loosen my usual work ethic for a few days every year, for as long as I can remember. I once booked my annual holiday from work, ostensibly to redecorate my living room. In reality, it was to sit in front of the TV and watch every match; the ceiling just got a smattering of emulsion in the process.

I have perched on the edge of my seat late into the evening for those gorgeous summer nights that in Britain come ever so infrequently, but always at least once during Wimbledon; and always for a Henman 5-set epic battle. I anguished as a teenager over the tennis heartthrob of the moment, ripped magazine pages pinned to my walls. I suffered measles the summer of ’83, but refused to stay in bed. It affected my eyes, and I couldn’t see the ball, so I made my mum commentate her way through as Navratilova and McEnroe powered their way to the title. I don’t think I’ve ever missed watching a semi-final, or a final match.

This year is different in only one way; I have a companion, rushing home from school every afternoon to join me in my obsession. The Bug has developed an interest in tennis, analysing the set summaries, noting the seed rankings, and picking up the commentary language.

I’m excited to have a fellow tennis lover in my family. He may only be 8, but he’ll probably be every bit as good as me on the actual court! Though I love it, I’ve never managed to master any kind of skill in tennis. It really doesn’t matter though; this summer there are going to be lots of opportunities for tennis fans to get involved in the sport, thanks to the Lawn Tennis Association’s Great British Tennis Weekend.

Great British Tennis Weekend

Great British Tennis Weekend (#GBTW) – 16 & 17 July

Over the weekend of Saturday 16 July & Sunday 17 July, clubs and leisure centres across the UK are offering various lessons and fitness-oriented sessions for families, and best of all, it’s completely free! There are thousands of free events over the summer, from mini-tennis sessions and family time, to free play and Cardio tennis. The main event is over the weekend, with families being invited to really get a taste of tennis, and maybe even fall in love with it. To get involved, check out the Great British Tennis Weekend website, where you can search for a free session for your family close to where you live.

I’m working with the Lawn Tennis Association on their #GBTW campaign. Sign up for your FREE tennis activity here.

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17 thoughts on “Get Involved in a Great British Tennis Weekend! #GBTW”

    • I was surprised by how into it he was yesterday Nadine! Mind you, he loves an underdog, and Marcus Willis is set to be the British underdog hero this year I think! Next stop a Federer thrashing!

  1. Love the decorating excuse! I too become completely unproductive every year when Wimbledon’s on, it’s amazing how many reasons I can find to stay near the TV. Lovely that you’ve got a partner in the excitement this year 🙂

  2. How great that Bug is into it now too. How funny that you booked time off work with the decorating plan but actually to watch the tennis! x


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