Priceless jewellery: Wot so Funee?

Handmade choker necklace - priceless jewellery!

We spotted a friend’s Facebook post last night that made us giggle. Steph gave us permission to quote her lovely daughter and her playdate friend, who were reading the recent anniversary edition of Girl Talk magazine. The copy featured the first ever giveaway Girl Talk had done, a free choker necklace. The overheard conversation went like this:

“What’s a choker?”
– “It’s a necklace so fat that it makes you choke.”
– “Why are they giving it away then?”
– “Cos nobody would buy it!”
– “Ah yeah good point.”

Home made choker necklace styled by GG!As an aside, whilst my Mum was styling this choker that I made at a jewellery party over the weekend, I had a play around with some photography of my own. She said this one was good enough to put on the blog. Maybe I’ll start competing with her soon on my little Nikon Coopix!

Thank you to Steph for letting us have a chuckle. Why don’t you pay her back by checking out some of her gorgeous photographs? We wrote about Girl Talk’s 500th edition and their #GirlsAreAmazing campaign here.

Now, if you have a funny post about something your children have said or done, link it up and we’ll come over to visit!

Wot So Funee?

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