Easter Baking: Moroccan Spiced Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Easter baking: Moroccan spiced hot cross buns recipe

  Easter Baking Ideas We have a bit of time on our hands for once this Easter break. I’ve longed for a holiday where we’re at home, just to spend time with the kids, doing simple things. And one thing they never tire of is baking. Schwartz got in touch to ask if I would get the kids involved in some cooking using some of their spices. Never one to turn down a challenge, and always a lover of a twist, I decided that we’d start our Easter baking preparations with traditional hot cross buns. Recipes for hot cross buns …

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How to Make Macarons: Easy Banoffee Macarons Recipe

Decadent Banoffee Macarons recipe that's easy to make

  Great British Bake Off – the Macarons Challenge Inspired by the Great British Bake Off, my friends Jenny and Helen – pudding and cake bloggers extraordinaires – have set a challenge to bloggers who enjoy #GBBO. Each week we will commit to creating an item on the theme of that week’s Great British Bake Off. This week the theme is Trifle, and Petits Fours. So as I sit here watching the contestants mess up their Iles Flottantes, and steal each other’s custard, my caramel ganache and banoffee caramel are cooling in my kitchen, destined for these babies. Read on …

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Brioche French Toast with Blueberries and Maple Syrup – Breadmaker Recipe

How to make brioche in a breadmaker

The Great British Bake Off is  well underway and Tuesday evenings see Twitter alive with #GBBO once again. For bloggers this is all well and good, but #GBBO means something different to them this year. For awesome cake bakers Mummy Mishaps and The Crazy Kitchen have launched their own campaign to find the best baking blogger, in the Great Bloggers Bake Off. Now Mummy doesn’t bake a lot, and isn’t a huge cake fan (I know, I keep telling you, I must be adopted!), but this week’s theme was bread, and she’s pretty nifty with the yeast, albeit via the medium of …

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Cakes for book-lovers

Alien's love underpants cake

Have you ever heard of an Edible Book Festival? No, neither had we, but when Zoe, at Playing by the book announced she was hosting one on her blog, we headed straight over. Up for grabs was an original drawing by Emma Chichester Clark, of Blue Kangaroo fame, and all we had to do was make an edible representation of a favourite book. Well, we didn’t have to be asked twice, and immediately set about baking a cake representation of the Sword in the Stone, having recently enjoyed King Arthur and the Mighty Contest from the Crazy Camelot series by …

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Listography: Mummy’s Top 5 Cookbooks

Listography this week at Kate Takes 5 is Top 5 Cookbooks, and Mummy couldn’t resist. Here are the cookbooks in our house: We have lots. But funnily enough there are actually only 5 that she really uses. Good Housekeeping: it holds all the classic recipes from Sherry Trifle to Boeuf Bourgignon, from a Victoria Sponge to jointing and roasting a turkey. And the best ever orange and almond cake, containing a whole, boiled, puréed orange. It sounds odd, but it is lush! Full of rich casseroles, stodgy puds, and cosy soups – the best of which is Roasted Pumpkin with …

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Yummy Dough

Father Christmas never fails to bring something to displease Mummy. Last year it was Whoopee Cushions and Noisy Putty. This year, with the aid of Tired Mummy of Two‘s Christmas list, he brought Yummy Dough. Mummy muttered a square-word and hid it behind the craft (read Yellow Moon) box. Requests to use it were countered with the observation that we still had lots of Christmas chocolate to get through before baking activity could resume. We finally wore her down this week, and the innocuous-looking powder was duly mixed with water to create biscuit dough of such primary colours that just …

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Easy Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe Kids Can Make Themselves

"chocolate biscuit cake"

To be eaten under controlled circumstances only. The best chocolate biscuit recipe in the world, ever. According to me 😉   ♥ (With Marshmallows, Cherries, Nuts, Broken Meringues, Glitter, Exploding Candy, and anything else you can think of!) ♥ ** Update! This recipe has started something of a craze! Take a look at the Facebook post and comments on it. Feel free to add your own suggestions – we’re always looking for ridiculous delicious additions to try out! We adapted this recipe from one we found in Sainsbury’s magazine. I say, adapted; what I really mean is doctored, embellished, played …

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