Food: Zesty Strawberry Mojito Sorbet (recipe)

Combine mint, strawberries, lime and a magic ingredient to get the perfect dessert sorbet for summer

  A frozen strawberry dessert based on the classic cocktail After loving our Strawberry Mojito mocktails, I got a bit excited about what else I could do with the recipe. We may have been a bit over zealous at our local fruit farm this week, and had rather a glut of gorgeous strawberries beginning to soften in the fridge. So, never one to waste food, and bearing in mind that July is national ice cream month, I had the idea for a strawberry mojito sorbet. We have the Smart Scoop ice cream maker from Sage by Heston Blumenthal, and we’ve …

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Saturday night is Sodastream cocktails night!

By GG… It’s the weekend! Which in our house heralds only one thing. Daddy cracks open the Sodastream flavours and mixes some mean cocktails! We reviewed our Sodastream Source machine back in June when Daddy took a nostalgic trip back in time on Father’s Day, recalling how he had once attempted to fashion champagne from a bottle of Blue Nun in the seventies. The new machines have come a long way since then, and ours is elegant enough to be allowed a permanent spot on Mummy’s minimalist kitchen work surfaces 😉 Now, we tried them all at the time and …

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