Rock Choir at Wembley Stadium supporting McFly!

Well. I thought I had seen it all when I joined 7,500 members of Rock Choir at Wembley Arena last April, but today surpassed all expectations. Mummy and 1500 of her mates from Rock Choir performed at Wembley Stadium, right there on the very pristine grass, right before my idol Harry. What do you mean, Harry who? The Harry, of course, the one from Strictly Come Dancing; oh and he’s in McFly too, by the way. It was, by all accounts, a very emotional day. The excitement, as lots of ladies (one of them the Bug’s teacher, don’t you know!), …

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Rock Choir Flash Mob at St Pancras International

Mummy has written previously about performing with Rock Choir, at Wembley Arena. She’s off to support McFly at Wembley stadium next weekend, but first there was the small matter of a Flash Mob to join today at St Pancras International station. Attempting to look nonchalent, then joining in with the show – a flash mob. Today, Rock Choir performed flash mobs across the country to help raise money for Sport Relief. Mummy was privileged to be a part of it all. And I wasn’t as embarrassed as I expected to be 😉

Rock Choir: Mummy Plays Wembley Arena!

Mummy belongs to Rock Choir, a no-audition, no-questions-asked singing (and a bit of dancing!) group. She joined after Christmas, thinking it would be a fun release from ‘being a Mum’, with maybe a couple of small local concerts occasionally. Fast-forward 4 months and she becomes one of a 7,500-strong group performing yesterday at Wembley Arena. Now I’ve had my moments in the spotlight, but that’s what I call Diva status! I’ve wanted to see Miley Cyrus in concert for many months now, but with M&D not splashing the cash for tickets, I was happy to settle for this as my …

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