Wot So Funee? The final post…

Wot So Funee?This is my final post on Wot So Funee? So it needs to be a spiffing example of my literary and phonetic genius so that I can exit this meme in true loquacious style! And if you make it to the end, I’ll let you into a little secret about where I am headed next!

My teacher (let’s call her Mrs Coolcross – because she does occasionally read this blog, occasionally gets cross with me, but is actually quite cool) is a fan of craft. Craft, and the big outdoors. She has introduced us recently to Forest School, where we get to spend half a day outdoors, mucking about with mud and sticks. Apparently we are also learning, but for me it is a merry-g0-round of muck and mirth. For Mummy it is more washing 😉

"Dragon Eggs"
Do I detect a heartbeat?

Anyway, Mrs Coolcross went to great lengths a while back to set up an experience where we would test our investigative reporting skills. Now, for a loquacious girl this was music to my ears.We found these ‘eggs’ covered in green goo; there was goo all over the playground too. We did some mucking about research, made some notes, and figured out that in fact it had nothing to do with our teacher and was all caused by a dragon choosing our school as a nesting place for its eggs. Obviously!

We then wrote up our reports for the newspapers, ensuring – as a proper investigative journalist should – a beguiling mix of sensationalism and erm, fact:

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16 thoughts on “Wot So Funee? The final post…”

  1. Oooh that’s a fab report. I would give her a big gold star! Nice to see she’s not letting the truth get in the way of a good story, she could be a journalist when she grows up!

  2. Lol! This kid must be a great writer in the future… I admire her for her wide imaginations… Keep it up! I love visiting this site and have a great fun on reading your blogs.

  3. Your a very talented kid! i’m sure you will be a good writer someday. Just keep doing what you love most. And i’m so excited to read your next blog. Keep up the good work.


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