Gifts For Teenage Girls For Special Occasions

I’ve never found choosing gifts for teenage girls tricky; even if they’re not hankering after the latest tech, it’s usually easy to find inspiration in clothes, makeup, or their latest music passion. But when it comes to special days – 18th birthdays, 21sts, or even a graduation gift – I feel like I want to push the boat out with a more memorable gift.

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Irish lifestyle brand Newbridge Silverware got in touch with me recently to tell me about their handcrafted personalised jewellery, and I was especially taken with the idea of birthstone jewellery to mark special occasions for teenage girls. It’s a colourful way to decorate a special piece of jewellery, and adds to the sentimental value of a gift.

Birthstones make a jewellery gift extra special

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What is your birthstone?

The concept of birthstones has been around since the Bible, and is fabled to bring health and good luck to the wearer. Although the International Gem Society claims birthstones weren’t routinely worn until the 16th century, and even references Hindu origins. To find out what your teenager’s birthstone is, follow the chart below:

Birthstones by month

I remember being given my own set of birthstones by my parents for my 18th birthday. As a December baby my stone is turquoise, and I’d seen a necklace I’d liked made of small stones linked with gold. I knew I was getting the personalised birthday gift, but I hadn’t realised that my mum and dad were going a step further by having matching earrings and a ring made for me. I was so excited to go out that evening wearing my birthstones, and I still have the whole set now, 36 years later! It’s definitely a gift that will be treasured and remembered.

Topaz colour birthstone pendant

At £39 I think the classic birthstone pendant in rose gold is really good value for a memorable birthday present, and whilst it may not be the actual precious gem, it’s a great replica and makes it more affordable for most. I love the infinity charm, and the little slogan too – perfect for a teen girl. My own daughter often wears lots of necklaces together, and I know these charms would mix and match well with her existing jewellery.

If a bracelet is more your teenager’s style, the same pendant charms can be added to a triple bangle. Personally I love this option, mixed with a group of other favourite bangles. It’s a look that’s very much of the moment, and something I plan to work on myself, being new to the bracelet game!

And for an alternative to birthstones this zodiac pendant is simple and pretty – the perfect gift for any teenager who’s interested in horoscopes and astrology.

If you’re looking for a special birthday gift for a teenage girl head over to Newbridge Silverware‘s birthstone jewellery page to choose something really personal.


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  1. I do love a good stack of jewellery – I rarely wear just one necklace / pair of earrings / bracelet – there’s always a stack of them! I love that these add a little colour and texture to a stack.


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