Stocking Fillers For Teenagers – 147 Ideas

Do you still give your teenager a stocking at Christmas? Now my kids are teenagers I’ve gently suggested that they’re too old for Christmas stockings, but they are having none of it! It gets hard finding stocking fillers for teenagers though so I’ve put together a list of 147 ideas for teenage stocking fillers guaranteed to make their Christmas morning special.

Christmas stocking fillers for teenagers

Brilliant ideas for Christmas stocking fillers for teenagers

I’ve never had a problem finding small Christmassy gifts for teen girls, with jewellery and makeup items frequently at the top of my daughter’s list. But I’ve always found it’s especially difficult to come up with stocking filler ideas for teenage boys, so I’ve made a point of searching for gifts that teen boys will appreciate, to save you the mental energy of trying to match numbers if you have a daughter as well as a son. 

Sometimes the best teenage stocking fillers are those that cause a giggle, so you’ll find plenty of retro or silly ideas in this list that will end up being the focal point of the day for the whole family. 

There’s also a mix of cheap stocking fillers and some more costly items that you could pop in to really make their Christmas morning special.

Teenage girls experimenting with cosmetics

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147 Ideas for teenage stocking fillers

The definitive list of ideas for Christmas stocking fillers for teenagers. Don't spend hours trawling the shops or internet. Just pick a few items off this list and you're done! Happy teens on Christmas morning.
  1. Jewellery – most teens love a new trinket, even the boys. Take a look at this post on gifts for teenage boys for some ideas
  2. Homemade vouchers: this can be for anything you know they love – a massage, their favourite pizza, breakfast in bed – to be used whenever they want
  3. A Chore Pass voucher (lets them get out of their housework for one week)
  4. Loaded Starbucks card
  5. Chocolate Santa – because they still like to believe, even if they don’t believe
  6. Chocolate coins
  7. Sugar mouse – remember yours? Tell them it’s retro and they’ll love it
  8. Candy cane
  9. Notepad
  10. Novelty pen/pencil
  11. Fountain pen and coloured ink cartridges
  12. Cool post-it notes
  13. Glue sticks – my kids are always in need of these. You can even get coloured glue sticks for extra fun
  14. Acrylic paint tubes if they’re studying Art
  15. Woolly hat and mittens
  16. Football grip gloves or touchscreen gloves
  17. A buff (if you know, you know…)
  18. Pants – although nowadays they want Calvin Klein or Victoria’s Secret, not supermarket!
  19. Tights – don’t make the mistake of sparkly, apparently they itch! Fishnets are popular right now, and I know my daughter would appreciate a good supply of opaque black given she ladders so many at school!
  20. Anything from Neon Sheep, Rex London, Flying Tiger or Skinny Dip – the classic shops for stocking fillers for teenagers 
  21. Socks (see pants, and add Sock Shop for socks) 
  22. Wallet or coin purse
  23. Magic Eraser for cleaning marks off trainers
  24. Tony’s Chocoloney – it’s the best!
  25. Selfie stick
  26. Selfie ring light
  27. Bluetooth shower speaker
  28. Lip balm – no stocking fillers list would be complete without it
  29. Tissue pack
  30. Cookie mix
  31. Hand cream (get Working Hands if your boys think hand cream is too feminine – it saves my poor hands every winter)
  32. Hairbrush
  33. Mobile phone case
  34. Phone screen protector
  35. Pop socket – if you don’t know what this is you’re missing out. Mine broke recently (after a few years use) and my phone is in danger without it!
  36. Gorilla Pod (perfect for YouTube filming and hands-free FaceTime. I have two of these phone tripods and I don’t know how I’d cope without them)
  37. Novelty earbuds
  38. Jumping beans – they may think they’re too old, but secretly they love it!
  39. Cat’s Cradle
  40. Slinky toy
  41. Cinema card
  42. Book or book voucher
  43. Hand warmers
  44. Hair ties
  45. Christmas earrings
  46. Cotton buds – if nothing else it will save your own supply running out so fast!
  47. Shower cap
  48. Eco-friendly makeup remover pads – these by Jojo Glow were gifted to us recently and my daughter now swears by them. She doesn’t use any products on them, they just remove her makeup naturally and then go in the wash
  49. 52 Things to Do While You Poo (also good for Dads, I’ve found…)
  50. Novelty toilet rolls
  51. Mini box of their favourite Quality Street or Heroes (you can save the rest for yourself!) 
  52. Facepacks
  53. Bath bombs
  54. Deoderant
  55. Face cream – we were recently gifted the SKWAD range, which are fun colours and feel lovely to use
  56. Spot cream
  57. Body Shop peppermint foot cream – I remember getting this in my own stocking! That’s how long it’s been going.
  58. Toothbrush
  59. Face/Hair glitter
  60. Festival body jewels 
  61. Hair treatment masks
  62. Hair gel
  63. Hair volumiser
  64. Semi-permanent hair dye or chalks. We love Bleach London and it’s perfect for school holidays as it lasts 3-10 washes
  65. Slipper socks
  66. Fairy lights
  67. Mini lava lamp
  68. Liquid timer sensory toys (I still can’t resist these so as cheap stocking fillers go they’re a big hit)
  69. Magazine
  70. Grown up colouring book 
  71. Sharpies
  72. Sudoku puzzle book
  73. Whoopee cushion (my husband still likes these so it’s definitely a good stocking filler for teenage boys
  74. Car accessories – personalised keyring, screen wipes, de-icer, air freshener, phone mount, etc.
  75. Scented or sparkly hand sanitiser
  76. Hot chocolate spoons
  77. Hot chocolate bombe (these ones are vegan too!)
  78. Mug cake mix in a mug
  79. Travel mug
  80. Water bottle
  81. Willy Wonka chocolate bars
  82. Chocolate Orange
  83. Cuddly toy – they might groan but they still love it
  84. Subway/Nandos/Greggs voucher
  85. The latest Christmas limited edition pack of biscuits/cake bars
  86. 101 Things to do Instead of Playing on Your Phone
  87. Lush Snow Fairy body spray or shaving soap
  88. Razors
  89. Fake tan
  90. Body Shop perfume oils
  91. Nail polish or conditioning oil
  92. Nail stickers or false nails
  93. Stick on nail jewels
  94. Magnetic eyelashes
  95. Trick yoyo
  96. Silly string (if you can cope with the mess afterwards!) 
  97. Party poppers
  98. Favourite mini cereal packs – I used to like the Sugar Puffs that came in Kelloggs’ multipacks
  99. ‘Bop It’ toys
  100. Stress ball
  101. Fidget spinners
  102. Playdoh (go on, admit it – you still love the smell too…)
  103. Slime
  104. Bouncing putty
  105. Rubik’s Cube – it’s amazing how many different cubes you can buy! 
  106. Juggling balls
  107. Maze ball puzzle
  108. Xbox or Playstation points card
  109. Flint and steel tool
  110. Phone charger – where do they all disappear to?!
  111. Power bank charger
  112. Phone charger stickers to prevent inadvertent stealing! 
  113. Phone credit
  114. Bike lights
  115. Head torch
  116. Beanie hat with bluetooth speakers
  117. Christmas mug
  118. Bauble for the tree
  119. Scarf
  120. Fluffy socks
  121. LED strip lights to stick on their bedroom shelves
  122. Lottery ticket
  123. Scratchcard
  124. Candles (mini Yankee candles are a favourite here)
  125. Wax melts
  126. Reed diffuser
  127. Soap on a rope (retro if you’re a child of the seventies!)
  128. Favourite snacks – mini Pringles, popcorn, Pom Bears for nostalgia)
  129. Bits of tat from your local pound shop – they may never get used but they raise a smile
  130. Smartphone camera lens set
  131. American sweets – Nerds, Jolly Rancher, Reese’s, Swedish Fish, etc.
  132. Retro sweets – Foam shrimps, Double Dip and candy necklaces in a cellophane wrap
  133. Diary
  134. Address/birthday book
  135. The latest cool lipstick (ours contained Fenty Beauty last year)
  136. Makeup applicator sponge
  137. Exfoliating gloves
  138. Magic tricks
  139. Miniature gin/liqueurs if they’re old enough
  140. Favourite cocktail in a tin (Piña Colada here)
  141. Sanitary products
  142. Stranger Things or Marvel/DC merchandise – mugs, socks, pens, notepads, postcards, etc.
  143. Nail clippers
  144. Tweezers
  145. Card game – Monopoly Deal was a hit for us last year
  146. Metal collapsible straws – perfect for an eco-conscious teen. They might also like this list of ethical, handmade, preloved and upcycled gift ideas.
  147. This “I’ll drive” keyring is a brilliant stocking filler for a 17 year old who’s just learning to drive.

Merry Christmas everybody! What did I miss? Let me know if you have more ideas for stocking fillers for teenagers in the comments below. 

Stocking fillers for teenagers

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